Monday, March 19, 2018

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DD7 - Drainage District Number 7 (#7)

Special Notices:
» Public Survey for Hazard Mitigation Action Plan
» Debt Transparency Information
» Notice of Public Hazard Mitigation Meeting 8/17/2016
» Hazard Mitigation Meeting 6/1/2016
» Hazard Mitigation Meeting 8/24/2016
» Order Of Election
» Texas - Landowners Bill of Rights
» DD7-Benchmark Correlation
» Sec408AlligatorBPSFinalDraftEA8Nov12
» NOA for Alligator Bayou Expansion EA
» Permitting Reqs for the Hurricane Flood Protection Levee
» 2012 JCDD7 - Hazard Mitigation Plan - Draft
» Click here for Info on Hurricane Floodwall Failure
Click here to visit (Interactive Radar)

Mission Statement

To develop and manage a system which will meet the present and long-term requirements for the elimination of clean outfall and storm water drainage of municipal, agricultural and industrial consumers within the District's boundaries, enhancing economic development throughout the District's area of jurisdiction.